How to create Ticket Types and Price Structures in Outix

There are two types of ticket rules you can create when using Outix -

FREE TICKET - the ticketing functionality allowing you to create a specific number of tickets that are at no cost to customers.

PAID TICKET - the ticketing functionality allowing you to create different ticket rules and pricing structures for your event.

1. Click on either 'FREE TICKET' or 'PAID TICKET' and input the Price Label; Price of Ticket and the quantity of tickets you are allocating to this rule. 
Visibility - Option allows you decide whether this ticketing type can be seen by customers.
Sold Out - Option allows you to show whether specific ticket type is sold out or not.

2. Click on the green save icon to save information you have just input.

3. Click on blue settings icon to bring up additional information and settings relating to the specific ticket type you are creating. Once in this screen, you will have the options to change the following:

  • Ticket Description
  • Fee Type
  • Sales Channel
  • Specify a time to close the box office before the event
  • Number of tickets allowed per transaction
  • Ticket colour for e-tickets (Print At Home)



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